Henry Grundy-White  ‘Impressions’April 4th – May 24th

Henry has worked in south London for many years. He set up Studio Voltaire in the 90s and has run other artist spaces since. He now works in the heart of Brixton under the arches at Valencia studio. He uses found and discarded objects to make new objects and forms, often working by wrapping with cling film – one of his favourite materials. The new works he is showing at Cornercopia are made from paper, wax and gold leaf and take the form of animistic shapes and are presented as a series.


Private view Wednesday 3rd April  at 5pm

Previous Exhibitions

“Somewhere Between Honesty and Lies” by Marianne Wie, September 5th – October 16

“Somewhere Between Honesty and Lies” is an exhibition consisting of a series of self-portraits where the artist has photographed herself as different female characters inspired from contemporary life and art history.

The work deals with issues of identity and stereotyping in connection with class, culture and time. The characters are named after female artists who work or have worked with self-portraits and issues connected to identity.

Marianne Wie is a Norwegian artist and photographer based in Herne Hill, South London.  She has a BA (Hons) from Chelsea College of Art and Design and a Masters in Fine Art (Photography) from Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Norway. She has exhibited both in the UK and Norway.

For more information visit: www.mariannewie.net

Exhibit at Cornercopia:
Cornercopia is keen to invite local artists, photographers, or designers whose work we like to exhibit in our dinning room. If  you think your work might work well in our space and are local,  do drop us an email along with examples of your work.  We are open to curious ideas!

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