YugriHy’Homegrown’ woodworkers in residence at Cornercopia Homestore – Septicr 24-27th



    20 years  we ago  bought a ‘minature silver birch tree from Brixton Woolworths for £2.25 and planted it very close to the kitchen window so we could see it’s leaves dance in the wind.  20 years on it was huge & beautiful, but as tall as the house and dangerously close!  So sadly it had to come down. It feels right that the  wood will now be turned into useful, beautiful things by local makers so that it that can live on in the form of  doorknobs, candle holders, spoons and the like.



    Come and see a beautifully crafted spoon be axed out of a sycamore log or or bowl take shape from a piece of silver birch. There will be plenty of gorgeous woodwork for sale from small birch pots and spoons, to hand-turned wooden candlesticks, chopping boards from reclaimed wood and small beautifully crafted stools.

    Taking part:
    Max Bainbridge of Forest-and-found.com, a wood worker who graduated form Chealsea in 2013 and set up Forest-and-Found.com with his partner Abigail Booth who hand makes  contemporary quilts.

    Leoni Bullock:Works with Peckham based furniture designers Hendzel + Hunt is also a woodworker who makes functional objects out of reclaimed wood from local parks and scrap wood

    Ben Willis: Brixton based green woodworker Ben Willis, who crafts  beautiful chairs and stools will have some smaller pieces  in store

    About anne fairbrother

    Anne set up and runs Brixton Cornercopia with chef Ian Riley
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