Free Seminar for Women – Understanding Marketing for Small Businesses

A free seminar for women setting up a food business. A great opportunity to learn from an expert! Feel free to go along and sign up on the day.

Westminster Enterprise Centre

Jo Lynn ConsultancyTuesday 7 October 11.00 – 13.00
Understanding Marketing for Small Businesses

Jo Lynn has been practising Marketing and PR for more than 35 years, seeing techniques change over the years; but she says, there may be new techniques and new media but the thinking stays the same.  The methodology of marketing is a science.  If you follow basic principles you will save time and money whilst measurably growing your business. So many of us start our businesses on a wing or a prayer, not even knowing whether our idea has a market, or how we reach that market easily and effectively. This seminar will provide a basis for you to run your own effective marketing campaigns, show you how to build your data base, even persuade you that cold calling is not something to be afraid of.

Jo Lynn @pryogi
New book out now! How To Win More PR Clients

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Anne set up and runs Brixton Cornercopia with chef Ian Riley
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